Wednesday 22 December 2021

All Rice To A Healthy 2022!

Hi friends! In a blink of an eye, we have almost come to the end of 2021. I hope everyone had an eventful year, despite the many ups and downs and challenges that came our way. No matter what, it’s time now for us to look towards 2022 to achieve our goals and dreams.

In the last two years during the pandemic, I guess we have come to realise how important our health is. And needless to mention, our daily diet plays a huge role in staying fit and healthy. Looking back over the past 12 months, have you considered what kinds of food you have consumed the most?

Chances are, rice will be high on anyone’s list, including mine. It’s a staple in most of our diets after all, and I’m sure it’s not something we will be giving up anytime. So if good health is one of our goals for 2022, shouldn’t you choose rice of the highest quality that will reap the biggest benefits for our health?

Thankfully, such rice is widely available in supermarkets all around Singapore, and online too. My choice is Naturel Living’s 100% Organic Rice products, which has a host of nutritional advantages over regular white rice!

Naturel Living’s rice product range basically comes in three varieties - Organic Brown Rice, Organic Mixed Brown and Red Rice, and Organic Brown GABA and Riceberry Rice. Unlike white rice, which is absent of many nutrients and vitamins as a result of processing, Naturel Living’s rice is a much richer source of dietary fibre, much lower in sugar, and packed with much more antioxidants, providing lots of benefits for your gut, heart and brain!

In addition, Naturel Living’s rice is also 100% organic, meaning there are no pesticides or chemical fertilizers found in their products. Thus you can certainly consume it daily with a total peace of mind.

So if you are thinking of switching to healthier Naturel Living rice, you can visit to conveniently shop for it online!

For myself, I’ve been trying out cooking different rice dishes, so I want to share with you a quick, easy and delicious recipe using Naturel Living Organic Mixed Brown and Red Rice - braised chicken rice! Healthy and low in carbs, you can give it a go too!

Ingredients wise, you just need chicken breast cubes, soy sauce, cooking wine, starch, oyster sauce, salt, pepper, frozen peas, and of course, mixed brown and red rice. I’ve made a video of the steps below that you can follow!

Do you have other rice recipes to share? You can let me know on my social media platforms! In the meantime, here’s wishing all of you a very happy remainder of 2021, and a wonderful 2022 ahead! May you enjoy the best of health, and looking forward to your support as well!

丘俊鑫 Lawrence Hiew

Monday 1 November 2021






這首《彩虹也會哭》是由知名編曲人George Leong以及林倛玉擔任配唱製作人打造出來的。真的做夢都沒想到,有一天會跟兩位大師合作,錄音期間真的很擔心自己的表現不理想,幸好老師們都非常專業,也教會了我許多,才能把這首歌詮釋得很好。很開心身邊的粉絲或家人朋友聽了都很喜歡,辛苦總算沒有白費。還沒聽的朋友趕快點擊MV看看,也替我點贊和分享,嘻嘻~






Friday 29 October 2021

Taking It Away In Style

It's been a whirlwind of a month so far, with the highlight no doubt being the release of my new music video 《彩虹也會哭 Rainbow Will Cry》, which you can watch on my YouTube channel and Facebook page. I'm truly overwhelmed and humbled by the response, comments and feedback from everyone. I'll be sure to take away many wonderful memories from this entire experience, and I look forward to making more music and great content for all to enjoy!

Speaking of taking away, I guess over the past year or so, many of us have been doing food takeaways from coffeeshops, hawker centres and restaurants far more often than before due to the pandemic. Have you ever thought about how many takeaway plastic containers you may have consumed over the last few months? Do you keep them, discard them, recycle them, or perhaps reuse them for storing other food? Have you also wondered if these takeaway containers are completely safe to use, especially when piping hot food is directly poured into them?

Or you may have been bringing your own tiffin carriers or pots to take away your food. That would probably be more environmentally-friendly in reducing wastage, and not to mention, the cents saved on takeaway charges each time can really add up after a while. On the other hand, they do bring about some hassle, such as carrying out these bulky and heavy containers to buy your food, having to transfer leftover food to another container for refrigeration, and of course the washing up might be a bit of a chore.

So if you're considering a solution to safely and conveniently use your own containers for food takeaways, let me recommend you to Komax Biokips containers and talk about their advantages!

The first thing to note is that these top-quality, Korean-made Komax Biokips containers are BPA free, as well as freezer, microwave and dishwasher-safe! That means you're able to use them without worry for putting in hot food, thanks to their high temperature resistance. You can also easily refrigerate your leftovers without having to transfer them elsewhere, heat them up through the microwave oven using the very same container, and thereafter even clean the container in your dishwasher!

Secondly, Komax Biokips containers are watertight! This can be such a lifesaver in preventing mess and leaks, especially when transporting your food that has gravy or soup around the place! With their nifty locking mechanism, rest assured that your food won't turn up in a mess when you arrive home as a result of covers coming loose or tilted containers causing spillages.

Thirdly, Komax Biokips containers are simply so versatile! Besides using them for takeaways, you can use them for storing many other things like biscuits, dried goods, pastry and vegetables. With their airtight properties, these containers keep your foodstuff fresh, hygienic and safe, preventing bacteria from entering when you put them in your fridge or freezer with other raw food.

Lastly, it sure helps that Komax Biokips containers are available in a whole range of different sizes so there's always a container that fits your purpose! Their modular system allows you to make full use of the limited space in your kitchen cabinet or fridge to stack or arrange the containers so everything looks compact and tidy. They are also sleek, light and easy to carry about, so no more clanging around of tins and pots when going out to buy food.

Well, that's my sharing for today, hope you managed to "take away" something from it! Komax Biokips containers are sold at K-ART's flagship store located in CompassOne #04-05, so hop over to check them out and get started on a more environmentally-friendly, safer and economical way to take away your food!

丘俊鑫 Lawrence Hiew

Tuesday 28 September 2021

A Variety Of Updates!

Hello friends! There's been quite a flurry of filming taking place over the past several weeks for my different variety programmes, so here's just my quick update of what's already out over the past couple of months, and also a little preview of what's coming up from me soon on the variety front!

Firstly, back in late July we filmed a long-awaited episode of 鑫爺来咯 Adventure with Lawrence featuring some of the great food that can be found at Bukit Merah View Market & Hawker Centre. As you might remember, this was when Singapore had just returned to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) and dining in was suspended. Many hawkers had been adversely affected by the measures, so along with my special guest Sherraine Law (羅翊綺), we brought in several takeaway dishes from the hawker centre to a studio to introduce them to our viewers! Filming was done in front of a green screen, and I think the end result is pretty cute; you can check out the episode below!

In my previous blog post, I also mentioned about my visit to Angel Aesthetica for a filler treatment on my chin, at the same time filming an episode for 養生法則 Law of Wellness to document the procedure! There are many who may have heard of medical aesthetics but still aren't really sure of what goes on inside the clinic, so with the help of Dr Ryan, I'm pleased to be able to share an inside look at the process while actually receiving a non-invasive treatment first-hand! It's definitely not as intimidating as it seems, as you can see here:

In the upcoming weeks, you can also expect a few more episodes of 鑫爺来咯 Adventure with Lawrence to be launched, where I'll be bringing different special guests to some really cool eating places for a sumptuous meal. Just how sumptuous? I can only let some behind-the-scenes photos do the talking for now, so do look out for the episodes to view the dishes in their full glory!

The above photo is taken at Peace Japanese Cuisine, and sitting right beside me to enjoy such a wonderful spread is Wallace Ang (洪圣安) from Beam Artistes. So many good things have been said about the restaurant, so it was a perfect opportunity to try it for myself together with a respected senior!

And fresh off filming a few days ago at Arteastiq DePatio in Plaza Singapura, I had the honour of having the lovely Ann Poh from Travel Media with me to immerse in the beautiful garden-themed setting and pamper ourselves with the sweet and savoury bites at the restaurant.

Feeling hungry already? Then you have to stay tuned to my variety programmes on Facebook because there will be these episodes, and more, dropping in shortly. 
As always, you can find regular updates on my YouTube channel and social media pages as well. If you enjoy the content, do hit Like or leave a comment so I'll know!

丘俊鑫 Lawrence Hiew

Tuesday 31 August 2021

Chin Up, Beautiful!

We have all heard the saying that beauty is only skin deep. Without doubt, it's our inner character that is most important and we can't only pay attention to the superficial. However, we also understand that our physical appearance is very much linked to our self-esteem, which in turn affects our emotional well-being, values and goals.

When we look and feel good, we are naturally less self-conscious and more confident, thus helping us to present the best version of ourselves to the world, not just physically but also socially and mentally. 

At times, all it actually needs is a little adjustment to our appearance to make a vastly positive difference to our self-image and psyche. In my case, it is something that most people may not even notice.

For friends who have been following me on social media, you would have read about my experience over the past month where I visited Angel Aesthetica for a procedure on my jawline contour. You might have wondered, What was that about?

Well, I'd always felt that my chin was somewhat on the short side and also slightly receding inwards, which gave the perception of my upper lip protruding out, as you can see in the top-left photo. This is also in part due to an overbite in my upper teeth which I had previously installed Invisalign braces to address, but even then I still wasn't too comfortable with the protrusion that was made more obvious by the shape of my chin.

Hence, I consulted with Dr Ryan of Angel Aesthetica on this issue, and following his recommendation we went ahead with a filler treatment for my chin to give it a more pointed outline and enhance my jawline contour. Can you tell the difference in the Before and After photo below?

Yup, after the treatment I find my face looking less roundish and more defined, and there is also a nicer balance between my chin and my upper lip. Suffice to say I am pretty happy with the overall results of the procedure. A big shout-out to Dr Ryan, whose professionalism was top-notch, giving me excellent advice throughout!

And if you are interested to find out more about what the process was like for me, I have filmed and documented it for an upcoming episode of my variety programme on Facebook, 養生法則 Law of Wellness. Do follow the page and keep a look-out for it!

So for those who encounter certain dermatological issues or are considering aesthetic procedures, I would highly recommend Angel Aesthetica based on my own experience there. They offer a wide range of services, including laser treatments for the removal of blackheads, acne treatments and more. And of course, they will be able to advise you on the best course of action to take with their expertise.

Such procedures have helped countless people find their confidence and give them a much-needed boost to their self-esteem. If there are aspects in your appearance bothering you or even hampering your emotional well-being, you might be surprised how there can be a simple solution to it! Here's wishing everyone happiness on the journey to a better, more positive you!

丘俊鑫 Lawrence Hiew

Tuesday 17 August 2021

Missing Home

How time flies! Before knowing it, we are almost in the final quarter of 2021. And it's also been about 18 months since I had last returned home in February of 2020 to celebrate Chinese New Year. 

I'm dearly missing all my family and friends. It seems such a long time ago that we could sit down together as a big group to enjoy our reunion dinner; to go out together, to play together.

How I miss the pre-pandemic days - the days where the word Covid-19 didn't exist. Gone too are the days when my loved ones could come over to Singapore to watch my concerts, to lend me their wonderful support.

My greatest comfort now is that they're still able to keep tabs on my activities online, and of course I'm thankful we can continue to stay in touch through WeChat and WhatsApp. Yet there's no substitute for the personal touch of face-to-face interaction, where I can have real conversations with friends and kin, where I can see them up close. I miss all of that badly.

How I wish the pandemic can be over quickly, so I can return home. I've skipped a year of spending Chinese New Year in JB, and I just hope I am able to go home to be with my relatives and dearest companions by the next Chinese New Year. How much would they have changed by then, I wonder? Will everyone still recognise me?

I can only hope. 

In the meantime, I'll be sure to take good care of myself here in Singapore. Sending my love and regards to Malaysia, that all of you may also take lots of care, especially as the situation is severe right now. My ardent wish is that when I return, all of you will be fine. 

Please stay well.

丘俊鑫 Lawrence Hiew

Sunday 25 July 2021

Giving Love To Your Skin

Harsh weather elements, environmental pollution, hectic lifestyles and even frequent mask-wearing... these and several more factors can cause various sorts of problems for our skin. Thus I'm sure we all understand that proper skin care is crucial, and consequently we're no strangers to the entire gamut of skin care products on the market that purportedly serve to repair skin damage or enhance skin beauty.

But do you know the dangers that lie within many of these products we see so often on the shelves? Substances such as Parabens (acting as a preservative), Alcohol (to give the skin a 'cooling' sensation) as well as Triclosan (an anti-bacterial agent) are just some ingredients commonly found in skin "care" products that are at best questionable to our skin or health, and at worst, potentially downright harmful.

Our skin, being the largest organ of our body, hence deserves a lot more love! That's why I'm eager to share with you a skin care line that's safe, clean and naturally healthy for everyone, and is recommended at many beauty spas and clinics - DR. KEITH CHRYSLER. Their products are all "STAMP FREE" - meaning they contain no SLS/SLES, Triclosan, Alcohol, Mineral Oil/MIT and Parabens - chemicals known to be detrimental to our bodies.

Having tried out DR. KEITH CHRYSLER's skin care products for a couple of months myself, I have found them to be effective and beneficial, so here's a review of some of the items!

As someone who has the habit of applying masks, I got to say that the DermaClean Clearapeutic Instant Bac Masque and DermaClean Clearapeutic Refiner Gel Masque are pretty convenient to use. At night, after putting on my toner and serum, I simply add a thin layer of the mask on my face, and my skin looks really good the next day! Alternatively, you can put on a thick layer of the mask for about 10 to 20 minutes, then wash off thereafter.

There's a difference between the Instant Bac Masque and Refiner Gel Masque - the former has a whitish appearance and is for use on more pimple-affected skin. It has greatly helped me manage breakouts especially around my chin area where irritation occurs from wearing disposable masks over extended periods. 

The Refiner Gel Masque on the other hand has a more transparent characteristic and is particularly good against blackheads as well as lightening the skin. If you experience redness on your face due to sensitivity, just applying a thin layer of the Refiner Gel Masque for about 10 minutes then washing it off with cold water will considerably lessen the redness.

Next is the DermaClean Purify Sebo Serum. For those who have a tendency to squeeze your pimples, you'll discover that your pores turn black, and scarring may develop after that. This serum helps to lighten such acne scars. 

Importantly, whenever your pimples start to erupt, press out a single pump of this serum and dab it over those problem spots. Then apply a layer of the aforementioned mask overnight, and you'll find that the pimples are visibly reduced the next day!

The above serum can also be used together with DR. KEITH CHRYSLER's Total Solution Skin Repair Hydro Gel, a moisturizer that comes in the form of a clear, colourless gel. What I like about this moisturizer is that it's not sticky and feels very light, which is very suitable for my pimple-prone skin that doesn't react well to dense moisturizing cream.

If you want, you may conveniently use this moisturizer as a hydrating mask as well. Similarly, before going to bed, apply a thicker layer of the gel on your face without any massaging, and wash it off with water the next morning. 

And a sunscreen that doubles up as a concealer? DR. KEITH CHRYSLER's Total Solution Diamond Cover Perfector SPF35 PA+++ provides just that. All you have to do is spread a tad of the sunscreen over your face, and you'll notice your skin tone looking brighter. The tint doesn't wear off even after a few hours; instead it becomes even more natural after some time. There also isn't any oily feeling, and it really gives your face a nice radiance.

So for those who wish to prevent sun damage and on top of that prefer the appearance of wearing light make-up, this product is ideal as it's quick to use, and of course it saves you from having to buy additional cosmetics!

Last but not least, the DR. KEITH CHRYSLER Hydra Sensi Crystal Glow Polish is an exfoliant that I find pretty amazing. Your pores usually get clogged after a week or two as the result of continued use of cosmetics or other facial products, thus it's essential that we exfoliate our skin.

When I rub the Hydra Sensi Crystal Glow Polish over my face in a repeated circular motion, an astonishing amount of dirt and other impurities comes off. As someone who puts on make-up regularly, oftentimes my make-up isn't thoroughly removed, so I will use this exfoliant about two to three times a week. With frequent exfoliation, the size of my pores has reduced, and it's rather evident because people around me have commented on this too!

All in all, whether it's a mask, moisturizer or sunscreen, the above products from DR. KEITH CHRYSLER are all highly recommended as you can safely use them without worrying about any side effects! Remember to give love to your skin by choosing only skin care products that don't contain harmful ingredients in them.

For more information on DR. KEITH CHRYSLER, do check out their Facebook page and also feel free to enquire about how their products can benefit your current skin conditions.

As always, stay tuned to my blog and social media platforms where I'll be sure to update you on day-to-day happenings and bring you more great recommendations!

Wednesday 14 July 2021

A Sneak Peek At My OOTD For《繼承者》Successor MV

Hi friends! Just a little while back I blogged about my eye-opening experience in the production of the upcoming microfilm,《繼承者》Successor, as well as the recording of its official music video, which is also my first brand-new song release in more than 4 years! With the imminent launch of both the microfilm and MV, let me reveal a bit more about the outfits I wore for the latter's shoot.

Looking at the photos, where do you think these apparel are from? If you guessed Levi's, you got it spot on! I am delighted that Levi's had come on as one of our wonderful sponsors, providing me with 3 different sets of outfits for the MV.

A big shout-out to the friendly staff at the Levi's Raffles City store where I had my fitting, for their great service and recommendations! I've heard of a saying that everyone should own a pair of Levi's jeans once in their lifetime, so I guess my turn finally arrived that day!

In the end, the 3 sets we decided upon each exudes a unique matching style and personality. The first set, as seen in the top-most photo, carries a rather classic all-denim look, with a denim jacket paired with denim jeans. 

Contrastingly, the second outfit, which is from Levi's Spring/Summer collection, has a more casual yet refined air to it. The short-sleeve shirt reflects the colours of a crystal blue sky with white clouds, while the bottoms are loose and baggy for an easy-going feel. Matched with a simple pair of white sneakers, the overall appearance is pretty pleasing to the eye.

The third outfit, on the other hand, consists of a hooded windbreaker jacket coupled with a yellow long-sleeve crewneck sweatshirt underneath. As for the bottoms, we went with olive camo-patterned cargo joggers. Finishing off for a dashing, swashbuckling vibe is a pair of rugged-looking boots.

So now that I have given you an exclusive sneak preview of the 3 outfits that will make an appearance in the《繼承者》Successor music video, which one do you like best? Do keep a look-out on my presentation of these outfits when the MV is released - hopefully you'll marvel at how good they look! Of course, these apparel are all available at Levi's stores, so you can check them out if you fancy any of them.

Last but not least, please stay tuned as the microfilm《繼承者》Successor and my new song will be launching very soon! Follow my social media platforms where I will keep you updated on this, as well as my other ongoing projects!

Thursday 1 July 2021

The (Herbal) Cream Of The Crop!

Body aches, stiff pains and other discomforts are part and parcel of the "mobile phone generation", mainly due to the copious amounts of time spent looking down at our phones, be it texting, gaming or consuming hours of online content at a go.

A poor posture while using these devices adds to the problem, and I'm guilty as charged. Do you suffer from similar symptoms? If so, let me tell you about a herbal cream that I've been using for the past month to combat these pains, and more!

The JFT Herbal Cream is a product from Jiao Feng Tang, an established beauty and wellness brand known for its high-tech Herbal Wellness Treatment programs that are currently available in several beauty spas and salons across Singapore.

This Herbal Cream is naturally formulated from the extract of different medicinal plants such as Aloe Vera, Lycium Barbarum (from which we get goji berries or wolfberries found in many healthy Chinese dishes) and Echinacea Purpurea (also known as purple coneflower, which has been used for centuries to improve the body's immune system). It can be applied on various parts of your body including the lower back, neck, upper chest, abdomen as well as arms and thighs. You can also use it as a lotion for a body massage.

There is a long list of wide-ranging benefits that the JFT Herbal Cream is stated to carry, namely promoting metabolism, repairing impaired body functions, enhancing vitality, tightening your skin and regulating hormone-induced irritability, among others.

In my case, I have found it to be effective in relieving the tension in my muscles whenever I develop aches after prolonged periods of adopting a bad posture as mentioned earlier. I simply use some JFT Herbal Cream to rub on or massage my pain points, and those areas soon feel much more soothing.

I have also tried applying the Herbal Cream on pimples. I simply dab a small amount of the cream over my pimples, and I find it useful in ridding those spots after a while.

Besides these, I have been applying the JFT Herbal Cream over my stomach as well as thighs during more intensive massages as a form of detoxification and to improve my blood circulation. Over a period of time, it does noticeably help in firming up my skin in those areas.

So this is my experience in using Jiao Feng Tang's JFT Herbal Cream thus far! To find out more about this product and how to order it for yourself to try, head over to their Facebook page for details.

That's my sharing for today. Do follow my blog and social media platforms for more of my updates on my projects, everyday happenings and other recommendations, and feel free to say hi!

Sunday 20 June 2021

What's For Snacks?

Snacking is arguably one of our favourite past-times. Who can resist heading for the snack aisle in any supermarket or neighbourhood convenience store, looking at the assortment of snacks all lined up neatly on the shelves? And what's more comforting than having a pack of snacks readily within reach at home, at work or outside during your downtime? Not to mention, is there anything better to accompany you when binge-watching your shows than a packet of snacks (or more)?

Well, I think you would have guessed by now that I'm unabashedly a bit of a snack person! So let me introduce you to a range of snacks that caught my attention only recently, but has now become my go-to brand whenever I'm feeling a little peckish - Oishi!

Oishi probably carries dozens of different kinds of snacks, from chips to biscuits to popcorn. Frankly speaking, all the different snacks from Oishi I've tried so far taste pretty awesome, but my personal favourite, and also one of their most popular products, has to be the Oishi Pillows.

As the name suggests, Oishi Pillows are crackers in the shape of squarish pillows. Like real pillows, they are also soft on the inside, not with feathers of course, but with creamy chocolate! Oishi Pillows also go particularly well with milk, similar to how you might eat crunchy cereal with milk, except even yummier thanks to the chocolatey fillings.

Another one that I like a lot is the Oishi Prawn Crackers. In my opinion, their prawn crackers get it just right - not too salty, and very crispy. They also have a kind of old-school flavour which reminds me of the snacks eaten in my childhood.

Other noteworthy mentions are the Oishi Panchos, which are corn tortilla chips that taste great on their own but also superb when dipped in cheese; Oishi Potato Fries as well as Oishi Potato Chips. Each of these comes in various flavours, and they are all worth a try!

A nice thing about their snacks is that their packaging comes in handy sizes and are affordably priced, so you can easily buy many of their different products and flavours to try out without worrying about overeating or wastage.

Oishi products are currently not too widely available on the market in Singapore, but I believe this will soon change as more people find out about them, because they are really that delectable! Right now you can mainly find them at major stores like Prime Supermarket, HAO Mart, Popular Bookstore, as well as selected convenience stores such as Fortune Supermarket.

Have you tried any of Oishi's wide range of snack products? If so, which is your favourite or what else would you recommend? Do share with everyone on my social media platforms!

丘俊鑫 Lawrence Hiew

Wednesday 9 June 2021

Filming And MV Recording For《繼承者》Successor

Hello friends! The past few weeks have really been hectic yet exhilarating, and if you're wondering what I've been up to, do read on to find out because I have plenty to fill you in on!

First up, I'm thrilled to announce that after a hiatus of over 4 long years, I will finally be releasing a brand new song! This song will serve as the main theme for the upcoming microfilm《繼承者》Successor, in which I also have a minor role. More about that in a bit!

My entire experience, from the filming of《繼承者》Successor to the production of the theme song's music video has been a unique one, since it's the first time that I was truly involved being cast in a film, along with acting in the MV.

Naturally, it was a nervy ride for me, but thankfully the director as well as all the other artistes and friends have been extremely kind, guiding me on how to immerse myself into the role, and passing down their invaluable acting experience. Their advice helped me to grasp certain acting techniques far more easily, and allowed me way better understanding about the overall process of MV production. To say I learned a lot is an understatement!

Coming back to the microfilm《繼承者》Successor, it was of great honour that I was able to work together with the lead cast Sora Ma (马艺瑄) and Zen Chong (章缜翔), as well as other established faces we have seen on television. As a first-time actor, meeting these professional actors and actresses got me even more nervous. However they were all such nice people, making my time spent working with them and learning from them very pleasant and special. Hopefully everyone is as excited as I am in awaiting the microfilm's release and watching their acting skills play out on screen.

My role in《繼承者》Successor is that of a courier, but the development of this character takes an interesting twist later on in the microfilm's sequel(s), so if you want to find out how I will eventually turn out in this role, be sure to stay tuned!

As for the microfilm's theme song, I shall not divulge the song title at the moment, but all will be revealed when it launches around July or August this year, so look out for its release! I would say that this song is highly moving and intense, and it is produced by two legendary figures of the industry. 

On the left in the below photo is teacher George Leong (梁伯君老师), an elite producer who has arranged songs for several A-list singers such as Fish Leong. Coaching me in my vocals on the right is teacher Jim Lim (林倛玉老师), whom I believe many friends in Singapore would have seen quite often on television. He had taught me a great deal regarding my singing technique, especially for this song, so when you listen to it you should be in for a bit of a surprise.

The MV for《繼承者》Successor is directed by Kaka Tong, who is also the director for the microfilm itself. Filming for the MV took place around the Yishun Dam area. In order to capture the most ideal shots, our day of the shoot started around 6am, so it was long and hard work for everyone involved as they had to wake up extra early.

The most unforgettable incident that day was that it began to pour heavily later during filming! Hence the director had to quickly improvise on the spot, adding in a rainy scene for the MV. So it turned out to be quite an exceptional shoot and also a novel experience for myself to be singing under a deluge of rain! I'm looking forward to you catching these distinctive scenes when the MV comes out.

Needless to say, the director Kaka Tong imparted a mountain of knowledge to me throughout the whole MV project. I'm immensely grateful to him, as well as to all the crew members who have been through this demanding journey together with me. May the microfilm and MV be hugely successful so that all our efforts may be rewarded!

Thus I hope you can throw your wonderful support behind《繼承者》Successor and its theme song, both of which will be released real soon. I'll keep everyone updated on my social media, so remember to follow me on the platforms below!

丘俊鑫 Lawrence Hiew