Wednesday 14 July 2021

A Sneak Peek At My OOTD For《繼承者》Successor MV

Hi friends! Just a little while back I blogged about my eye-opening experience in the production of the upcoming microfilm,《繼承者》Successor, as well as the recording of its official music video, which is also my first brand-new song release in more than 4 years! With the imminent launch of both the microfilm and MV, let me reveal a bit more about the outfits I wore for the latter's shoot.

Looking at the photos, where do you think these apparel are from? If you guessed Levi's, you got it spot on! I am delighted that Levi's had come on as one of our wonderful sponsors, providing me with 3 different sets of outfits for the MV.

A big shout-out to the friendly staff at the Levi's Raffles City store where I had my fitting, for their great service and recommendations! I've heard of a saying that everyone should own a pair of Levi's jeans once in their lifetime, so I guess my turn finally arrived that day!

In the end, the 3 sets we decided upon each exudes a unique matching style and personality. The first set, as seen in the top-most photo, carries a rather classic all-denim look, with a denim jacket paired with denim jeans. 

Contrastingly, the second outfit, which is from Levi's Spring/Summer collection, has a more casual yet refined air to it. The short-sleeve shirt reflects the colours of a crystal blue sky with white clouds, while the bottoms are loose and baggy for an easy-going feel. Matched with a simple pair of white sneakers, the overall appearance is pretty pleasing to the eye.

The third outfit, on the other hand, consists of a hooded windbreaker jacket coupled with a yellow long-sleeve crewneck sweatshirt underneath. As for the bottoms, we went with olive camo-patterned cargo joggers. Finishing off for a dashing, swashbuckling vibe is a pair of rugged-looking boots.

So now that I have given you an exclusive sneak preview of the 3 outfits that will make an appearance in the《繼承者》Successor music video, which one do you like best? Do keep a look-out on my presentation of these outfits when the MV is released - hopefully you'll marvel at how good they look! Of course, these apparel are all available at Levi's stores, so you can check them out if you fancy any of them.

Last but not least, please stay tuned as the microfilm《繼承者》Successor and my new song will be launching very soon! Follow my social media platforms where I will keep you updated on this, as well as my other ongoing projects!