Wednesday 24 June 2020

Phase One Virtual Music Showcase

A big shoutout to Nushi, a lifestyle appliances brand for generously sponsoring my Music Showcase on 16th June 2020.

Last Tuesday 8-9.30pm, I held a Phase One Music Showcase Live on my Facebook page. Thank you everyone for supporting me and the live show attracting more than 500 followers tuning in to the 90 minutes virtual performance. Guest artiste and keyboardist Jiaqing was also invited to share some joy to audiences online.

Music can easily bring positive vibes and energy to everyone, and through my music showcase, hope everyone enjoyed themselves too. 

Numerous duets were performed by Jiaqing & myself, coincidentally Jiaqing is also my singing teacher at the same time, it was indeed very refreshing that we get to perform together without any rehearsal. The songs certainly bring much delights to all audiences.

While most entertainment venues will remain closed during Phrase 2, I hope I can bring you more music showcase online soon.  

Once again, Thank you to our Main sponsor, Nushi, a lifestyle appliances brand, for this successful music showcase.

丘俊鑫 Lawrence Hiew

Thursday 11 June 2020

Snippers of My Daily Life’s

Hello everyone! We are finally done with Circuit Breaker (CB) and we are now into Phrase 1 of re-opening up of our community.

During the CB period, I had vlog some snippers into things I do daily. Have you already watch my vlogs?

A quick recapped on the vlogs!

Vlog #01

Join me to spring clean the living area that I lived in, I am also proficiency in households chores too. A clean environment, will also help to keep us in a better health. I used a secret weapon to disinfectant the house too. You need to follow my vlog to find out.

Vlog #02 

As you know, I am a foodie. I just love to eat that during the period, I had been making cooking example, Japanese curry rice.  I even cooked my own cup of bubble tea using Asia Farm Purple Tea Leaves. Do try my easy to follow recipes here!

Vlog #03

As many might know, I am very active in Volunteer works as I believed in giving back to the society and community. We have quite a number of vulnerable groups that needed a little help from the public. During this period, our care team still continues to deliver some basic supplies to the groups. You can also join me in my journey, check out here!

Oh ya, did I tell you I make my own towel cake the other day? Its really very simple and with just a few ingredients, you are ready to make one too. Best of all, you don need an oven! Come, follow my easy to make recipe at Chef Lawrence.

Hope you will enjoy the videos been created specially for these periods. Do remember to like, follow and subscribed at my all social media.

Will see you soon in the next video. Meanwhile, wash your hands regularly and stay safe!

丘俊鑫 Lawrence Hiew
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