Sunday 20 June 2021

What's For Snacks?

Snacking is arguably one of our favourite past-times. Who can resist heading for the snack aisle in any supermarket or neighbourhood convenience store, looking at the assortment of snacks all lined up neatly on the shelves? And what's more comforting than having a pack of snacks readily within reach at home, at work or outside during your downtime? Not to mention, is there anything better to accompany you when binge-watching your shows than a packet of snacks (or more)?

Well, I think you would have guessed by now that I'm unabashedly a bit of a snack person! So let me introduce you to a range of snacks that caught my attention only recently, but has now become my go-to brand whenever I'm feeling a little peckish - Oishi!

Oishi probably carries dozens of different kinds of snacks, from chips to biscuits to popcorn. Frankly speaking, all the different snacks from Oishi I've tried so far taste pretty awesome, but my personal favourite, and also one of their most popular products, has to be the Oishi Pillows.

As the name suggests, Oishi Pillows are crackers in the shape of squarish pillows. Like real pillows, they are also soft on the inside, not with feathers of course, but with creamy chocolate! Oishi Pillows also go particularly well with milk, similar to how you might eat crunchy cereal with milk, except even yummier thanks to the chocolatey fillings.

Another one that I like a lot is the Oishi Prawn Crackers. In my opinion, their prawn crackers get it just right - not too salty, and very crispy. They also have a kind of old-school flavour which reminds me of the snacks eaten in my childhood.

Other noteworthy mentions are the Oishi Panchos, which are corn tortilla chips that taste great on their own but also superb when dipped in cheese; Oishi Potato Fries as well as Oishi Potato Chips. Each of these comes in various flavours, and they are all worth a try!

A nice thing about their snacks is that their packaging comes in handy sizes and are affordably priced, so you can easily buy many of their different products and flavours to try out without worrying about overeating or wastage.

Oishi products are currently not too widely available on the market in Singapore, but I believe this will soon change as more people find out about them, because they are really that delectable! Right now you can mainly find them at major stores like Prime Supermarket, HAO Mart, Popular Bookstore, as well as selected convenience stores such as Fortune Supermarket.

Have you tried any of Oishi's wide range of snack products? If so, which is your favourite or what else would you recommend? Do share with everyone on my social media platforms!

丘俊鑫 Lawrence Hiew