Wednesday 9 June 2021

Filming And MV Recording For《繼承者》Successor

Hello friends! The past few weeks have really been hectic yet exhilarating, and if you're wondering what I've been up to, do read on to find out because I have plenty to fill you in on!

First up, I'm thrilled to announce that after a hiatus of over 4 long years, I will finally be releasing a brand new song! This song will serve as the main theme for the upcoming microfilm《繼承者》Successor, in which I also have a minor role. More about that in a bit!

My entire experience, from the filming of《繼承者》Successor to the production of the theme song's music video has been a unique one, since it's the first time that I was truly involved being cast in a film, along with acting in the MV.

Naturally, it was a nervy ride for me, but thankfully the director as well as all the other artistes and friends have been extremely kind, guiding me on how to immerse myself into the role, and passing down their invaluable acting experience. Their advice helped me to grasp certain acting techniques far more easily, and allowed me way better understanding about the overall process of MV production. To say I learned a lot is an understatement!

Coming back to the microfilm《繼承者》Successor, it was of great honour that I was able to work together with the lead cast Sora Ma (马艺瑄) and Zen Chong (章缜翔), as well as other established faces we have seen on television. As a first-time actor, meeting these professional actors and actresses got me even more nervous. However they were all such nice people, making my time spent working with them and learning from them very pleasant and special. Hopefully everyone is as excited as I am in awaiting the microfilm's release and watching their acting skills play out on screen.

My role in《繼承者》Successor is that of a courier, but the development of this character takes an interesting twist later on in the microfilm's sequel(s), so if you want to find out how I will eventually turn out in this role, be sure to stay tuned!

As for the microfilm's theme song, I shall not divulge the song title at the moment, but all will be revealed when it launches around July or August this year, so look out for its release! I would say that this song is highly moving and intense, and it is produced by two legendary figures of the industry. 

On the left in the below photo is teacher George Leong (梁伯君老师), an elite producer who has arranged songs for several A-list singers such as Fish Leong. Coaching me in my vocals on the right is teacher Jim Lim (林倛玉老师), whom I believe many friends in Singapore would have seen quite often on television. He had taught me a great deal regarding my singing technique, especially for this song, so when you listen to it you should be in for a bit of a surprise.

The MV for《繼承者》Successor is directed by Kaka Tong, who is also the director for the microfilm itself. Filming for the MV took place around the Yishun Dam area. In order to capture the most ideal shots, our day of the shoot started around 6am, so it was long and hard work for everyone involved as they had to wake up extra early.

The most unforgettable incident that day was that it began to pour heavily later during filming! Hence the director had to quickly improvise on the spot, adding in a rainy scene for the MV. So it turned out to be quite an exceptional shoot and also a novel experience for myself to be singing under a deluge of rain! I'm looking forward to you catching these distinctive scenes when the MV comes out.

Needless to say, the director Kaka Tong imparted a mountain of knowledge to me throughout the whole MV project. I'm immensely grateful to him, as well as to all the crew members who have been through this demanding journey together with me. May the microfilm and MV be hugely successful so that all our efforts may be rewarded!

Thus I hope you can throw your wonderful support behind《繼承者》Successor and its theme song, both of which will be released real soon. I'll keep everyone updated on my social media, so remember to follow me on the platforms below!

丘俊鑫 Lawrence Hiew