Thursday 1 July 2021

The (Herbal) Cream Of The Crop!

Body aches, stiff pains and other discomforts are part and parcel of the "mobile phone generation", mainly due to the copious amounts of time spent looking down at our phones, be it texting, gaming or consuming hours of online content at a go.

A poor posture while using these devices adds to the problem, and I'm guilty as charged. Do you suffer from similar symptoms? If so, let me tell you about a herbal cream that I've been using for the past month to combat these pains, and more!

The JFT Herbal Cream is a product from Jiao Feng Tang, an established beauty and wellness brand known for its high-tech Herbal Wellness Treatment programs that are currently available in several beauty spas and salons across Singapore.

This Herbal Cream is naturally formulated from the extract of different medicinal plants such as Aloe Vera, Lycium Barbarum (from which we get goji berries or wolfberries found in many healthy Chinese dishes) and Echinacea Purpurea (also known as purple coneflower, which has been used for centuries to improve the body's immune system). It can be applied on various parts of your body including the lower back, neck, upper chest, abdomen as well as arms and thighs. You can also use it as a lotion for a body massage.

There is a long list of wide-ranging benefits that the JFT Herbal Cream is stated to carry, namely promoting metabolism, repairing impaired body functions, enhancing vitality, tightening your skin and regulating hormone-induced irritability, among others.

In my case, I have found it to be effective in relieving the tension in my muscles whenever I develop aches after prolonged periods of adopting a bad posture as mentioned earlier. I simply use some JFT Herbal Cream to rub on or massage my pain points, and those areas soon feel much more soothing.

I have also tried applying the Herbal Cream on pimples. I simply dab a small amount of the cream over my pimples, and I find it useful in ridding those spots after a while.

Besides these, I have been applying the JFT Herbal Cream over my stomach as well as thighs during more intensive massages as a form of detoxification and to improve my blood circulation. Over a period of time, it does noticeably help in firming up my skin in those areas.

So this is my experience in using Jiao Feng Tang's JFT Herbal Cream thus far! To find out more about this product and how to order it for yourself to try, head over to their Facebook page for details.

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