Sunday 25 July 2021

Giving Love To Your Skin

Harsh weather elements, environmental pollution, hectic lifestyles and even frequent mask-wearing... these and several more factors can cause various sorts of problems for our skin. Thus I'm sure we all understand that proper skin care is crucial, and consequently we're no strangers to the entire gamut of skin care products on the market that purportedly serve to repair skin damage or enhance skin beauty.

But do you know the dangers that lie within many of these products we see so often on the shelves? Substances such as Parabens (acting as a preservative), Alcohol (to give the skin a 'cooling' sensation) as well as Triclosan (an anti-bacterial agent) are just some ingredients commonly found in skin "care" products that are at best questionable to our skin or health, and at worst, potentially downright harmful.

Our skin, being the largest organ of our body, hence deserves a lot more love! That's why I'm eager to share with you a skin care line that's safe, clean and naturally healthy for everyone, and is recommended at many beauty spas and clinics - DR. KEITH CHRYSLER. Their products are all "STAMP FREE" - meaning they contain no SLS/SLES, Triclosan, Alcohol, Mineral Oil/MIT and Parabens - chemicals known to be detrimental to our bodies.

Having tried out DR. KEITH CHRYSLER's skin care products for a couple of months myself, I have found them to be effective and beneficial, so here's a review of some of the items!

As someone who has the habit of applying masks, I got to say that the DermaClean Clearapeutic Instant Bac Masque and DermaClean Clearapeutic Refiner Gel Masque are pretty convenient to use. At night, after putting on my toner and serum, I simply add a thin layer of the mask on my face, and my skin looks really good the next day! Alternatively, you can put on a thick layer of the mask for about 10 to 20 minutes, then wash off thereafter.

There's a difference between the Instant Bac Masque and Refiner Gel Masque - the former has a whitish appearance and is for use on more pimple-affected skin. It has greatly helped me manage breakouts especially around my chin area where irritation occurs from wearing disposable masks over extended periods. 

The Refiner Gel Masque on the other hand has a more transparent characteristic and is particularly good against blackheads as well as lightening the skin. If you experience redness on your face due to sensitivity, just applying a thin layer of the Refiner Gel Masque for about 10 minutes then washing it off with cold water will considerably lessen the redness.

Next is the DermaClean Purify Sebo Serum. For those who have a tendency to squeeze your pimples, you'll discover that your pores turn black, and scarring may develop after that. This serum helps to lighten such acne scars. 

Importantly, whenever your pimples start to erupt, press out a single pump of this serum and dab it over those problem spots. Then apply a layer of the aforementioned mask overnight, and you'll find that the pimples are visibly reduced the next day!

The above serum can also be used together with DR. KEITH CHRYSLER's Total Solution Skin Repair Hydro Gel, a moisturizer that comes in the form of a clear, colourless gel. What I like about this moisturizer is that it's not sticky and feels very light, which is very suitable for my pimple-prone skin that doesn't react well to dense moisturizing cream.

If you want, you may conveniently use this moisturizer as a hydrating mask as well. Similarly, before going to bed, apply a thicker layer of the gel on your face without any massaging, and wash it off with water the next morning. 

And a sunscreen that doubles up as a concealer? DR. KEITH CHRYSLER's Total Solution Diamond Cover Perfector SPF35 PA+++ provides just that. All you have to do is spread a tad of the sunscreen over your face, and you'll notice your skin tone looking brighter. The tint doesn't wear off even after a few hours; instead it becomes even more natural after some time. There also isn't any oily feeling, and it really gives your face a nice radiance.

So for those who wish to prevent sun damage and on top of that prefer the appearance of wearing light make-up, this product is ideal as it's quick to use, and of course it saves you from having to buy additional cosmetics!

Last but not least, the DR. KEITH CHRYSLER Hydra Sensi Crystal Glow Polish is an exfoliant that I find pretty amazing. Your pores usually get clogged after a week or two as the result of continued use of cosmetics or other facial products, thus it's essential that we exfoliate our skin.

When I rub the Hydra Sensi Crystal Glow Polish over my face in a repeated circular motion, an astonishing amount of dirt and other impurities comes off. As someone who puts on make-up regularly, oftentimes my make-up isn't thoroughly removed, so I will use this exfoliant about two to three times a week. With frequent exfoliation, the size of my pores has reduced, and it's rather evident because people around me have commented on this too!

All in all, whether it's a mask, moisturizer or sunscreen, the above products from DR. KEITH CHRYSLER are all highly recommended as you can safely use them without worrying about any side effects! Remember to give love to your skin by choosing only skin care products that don't contain harmful ingredients in them.

For more information on DR. KEITH CHRYSLER, do check out their Facebook page and also feel free to enquire about how their products can benefit your current skin conditions.

As always, stay tuned to my blog and social media platforms where I'll be sure to update you on day-to-day happenings and bring you more great recommendations!

Wednesday 14 July 2021

A Sneak Peek At My OOTD For《繼承者》Successor MV

Hi friends! Just a little while back I blogged about my eye-opening experience in the production of the upcoming microfilm,《繼承者》Successor, as well as the recording of its official music video, which is also my first brand-new song release in more than 4 years! With the imminent launch of both the microfilm and MV, let me reveal a bit more about the outfits I wore for the latter's shoot.

Looking at the photos, where do you think these apparel are from? If you guessed Levi's, you got it spot on! I am delighted that Levi's had come on as one of our wonderful sponsors, providing me with 3 different sets of outfits for the MV.

A big shout-out to the friendly staff at the Levi's Raffles City store where I had my fitting, for their great service and recommendations! I've heard of a saying that everyone should own a pair of Levi's jeans once in their lifetime, so I guess my turn finally arrived that day!

In the end, the 3 sets we decided upon each exudes a unique matching style and personality. The first set, as seen in the top-most photo, carries a rather classic all-denim look, with a denim jacket paired with denim jeans. 

Contrastingly, the second outfit, which is from Levi's Spring/Summer collection, has a more casual yet refined air to it. The short-sleeve shirt reflects the colours of a crystal blue sky with white clouds, while the bottoms are loose and baggy for an easy-going feel. Matched with a simple pair of white sneakers, the overall appearance is pretty pleasing to the eye.

The third outfit, on the other hand, consists of a hooded windbreaker jacket coupled with a yellow long-sleeve crewneck sweatshirt underneath. As for the bottoms, we went with olive camo-patterned cargo joggers. Finishing off for a dashing, swashbuckling vibe is a pair of rugged-looking boots.

So now that I have given you an exclusive sneak preview of the 3 outfits that will make an appearance in the《繼承者》Successor music video, which one do you like best? Do keep a look-out on my presentation of these outfits when the MV is released - hopefully you'll marvel at how good they look! Of course, these apparel are all available at Levi's stores, so you can check them out if you fancy any of them.

Last but not least, please stay tuned as the microfilm《繼承者》Successor and my new song will be launching very soon! Follow my social media platforms where I will keep you updated on this, as well as my other ongoing projects!

Thursday 1 July 2021

The (Herbal) Cream Of The Crop!

Body aches, stiff pains and other discomforts are part and parcel of the "mobile phone generation", mainly due to the copious amounts of time spent looking down at our phones, be it texting, gaming or consuming hours of online content at a go.

A poor posture while using these devices adds to the problem, and I'm guilty as charged. Do you suffer from similar symptoms? If so, let me tell you about a herbal cream that I've been using for the past month to combat these pains, and more!

The JFT Herbal Cream is a product from Jiao Feng Tang, an established beauty and wellness brand known for its high-tech Herbal Wellness Treatment programs that are currently available in several beauty spas and salons across Singapore.

This Herbal Cream is naturally formulated from the extract of different medicinal plants such as Aloe Vera, Lycium Barbarum (from which we get goji berries or wolfberries found in many healthy Chinese dishes) and Echinacea Purpurea (also known as purple coneflower, which has been used for centuries to improve the body's immune system). It can be applied on various parts of your body including the lower back, neck, upper chest, abdomen as well as arms and thighs. You can also use it as a lotion for a body massage.

There is a long list of wide-ranging benefits that the JFT Herbal Cream is stated to carry, namely promoting metabolism, repairing impaired body functions, enhancing vitality, tightening your skin and regulating hormone-induced irritability, among others.

In my case, I have found it to be effective in relieving the tension in my muscles whenever I develop aches after prolonged periods of adopting a bad posture as mentioned earlier. I simply use some JFT Herbal Cream to rub on or massage my pain points, and those areas soon feel much more soothing.

I have also tried applying the Herbal Cream on pimples. I simply dab a small amount of the cream over my pimples, and I find it useful in ridding those spots after a while.

Besides these, I have been applying the JFT Herbal Cream over my stomach as well as thighs during more intensive massages as a form of detoxification and to improve my blood circulation. Over a period of time, it does noticeably help in firming up my skin in those areas.

So this is my experience in using Jiao Feng Tang's JFT Herbal Cream thus far! To find out more about this product and how to order it for yourself to try, head over to their Facebook page for details.

That's my sharing for today. Do follow my blog and social media platforms for more of my updates on my projects, everyday happenings and other recommendations, and feel free to say hi!