Wednesday 22 December 2021

All Rice To A Healthy 2022!

Hi friends! In a blink of an eye, we have almost come to the end of 2021. I hope everyone had an eventful year, despite the many ups and downs and challenges that came our way. No matter what, it’s time now for us to look towards 2022 to achieve our goals and dreams.

In the last two years during the pandemic, I guess we have come to realise how important our health is. And needless to mention, our daily diet plays a huge role in staying fit and healthy. Looking back over the past 12 months, have you considered what kinds of food you have consumed the most?

Chances are, rice will be high on anyone’s list, including mine. It’s a staple in most of our diets after all, and I’m sure it’s not something we will be giving up anytime. So if good health is one of our goals for 2022, shouldn’t you choose rice of the highest quality that will reap the biggest benefits for our health?

Thankfully, such rice is widely available in supermarkets all around Singapore, and online too. My choice is Naturel Living’s 100% Organic Rice products, which has a host of nutritional advantages over regular white rice!

Naturel Living’s rice product range basically comes in three varieties - Organic Brown Rice, Organic Mixed Brown and Red Rice, and Organic Brown GABA and Riceberry Rice. Unlike white rice, which is absent of many nutrients and vitamins as a result of processing, Naturel Living’s rice is a much richer source of dietary fibre, much lower in sugar, and packed with much more antioxidants, providing lots of benefits for your gut, heart and brain!

In addition, Naturel Living’s rice is also 100% organic, meaning there are no pesticides or chemical fertilizers found in their products. Thus you can certainly consume it daily with a total peace of mind.

So if you are thinking of switching to healthier Naturel Living rice, you can visit to conveniently shop for it online!

For myself, I’ve been trying out cooking different rice dishes, so I want to share with you a quick, easy and delicious recipe using Naturel Living Organic Mixed Brown and Red Rice - braised chicken rice! Healthy and low in carbs, you can give it a go too!

Ingredients wise, you just need chicken breast cubes, soy sauce, cooking wine, starch, oyster sauce, salt, pepper, frozen peas, and of course, mixed brown and red rice. I’ve made a video of the steps below that you can follow!

Do you have other rice recipes to share? You can let me know on my social media platforms! In the meantime, here’s wishing all of you a very happy remainder of 2021, and a wonderful 2022 ahead! May you enjoy the best of health, and looking forward to your support as well!

丘俊鑫 Lawrence Hiew