Tuesday 28 September 2021

A Variety Of Updates!

Hello friends! There's been quite a flurry of filming taking place over the past several weeks for my different variety programmes, so here's just my quick update of what's already out over the past couple of months, and also a little preview of what's coming up from me soon on the variety front!

Firstly, back in late July we filmed a long-awaited episode of 鑫爺来咯 Adventure with Lawrence featuring some of the great food that can be found at Bukit Merah View Market & Hawker Centre. As you might remember, this was when Singapore had just returned to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) and dining in was suspended. Many hawkers had been adversely affected by the measures, so along with my special guest Sherraine Law (羅翊綺), we brought in several takeaway dishes from the hawker centre to a studio to introduce them to our viewers! Filming was done in front of a green screen, and I think the end result is pretty cute; you can check out the episode below!

In my previous blog post, I also mentioned about my visit to Angel Aesthetica for a filler treatment on my chin, at the same time filming an episode for 養生法則 Law of Wellness to document the procedure! There are many who may have heard of medical aesthetics but still aren't really sure of what goes on inside the clinic, so with the help of Dr Ryan, I'm pleased to be able to share an inside look at the process while actually receiving a non-invasive treatment first-hand! It's definitely not as intimidating as it seems, as you can see here:

In the upcoming weeks, you can also expect a few more episodes of 鑫爺来咯 Adventure with Lawrence to be launched, where I'll be bringing different special guests to some really cool eating places for a sumptuous meal. Just how sumptuous? I can only let some behind-the-scenes photos do the talking for now, so do look out for the episodes to view the dishes in their full glory!

The above photo is taken at Peace Japanese Cuisine, and sitting right beside me to enjoy such a wonderful spread is Wallace Ang (洪圣安) from Beam Artistes. So many good things have been said about the restaurant, so it was a perfect opportunity to try it for myself together with a respected senior!

And fresh off filming a few days ago at Arteastiq DePatio in Plaza Singapura, I had the honour of having the lovely Ann Poh from Travel Media with me to immerse in the beautiful garden-themed setting and pamper ourselves with the sweet and savoury bites at the restaurant.

Feeling hungry already? Then you have to stay tuned to my variety programmes on Facebook because there will be these episodes, and more, dropping in shortly. 
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丘俊鑫 Lawrence Hiew