Tuesday 4 May 2021

Getting On The Right Foot Outdoors!

Hello everyone! After a very wet April that saw record-breaking levels of rainfall in Singapore, a warm, sunny May has arrived, so hopefully that means more opportunities for all of us to enjoy the great outdoors! And with all the walking under the hot weather, a pair of good footwear will definitely go a long way in helping us enjoy our activities to the utmost.  

What do I look for in a pair of shoes to accompany me for long hours? Style, comfort and durability are some essential factors on my checklist. Thus I'm really excited to share with you about what I'm currently wearing that delivers on these qualities, and much more!

From Timberland's newly-launched Spring / Summer 21 collection comes the TrueCloud EK+ Knit Chukka, which are designed specially for all-day wear by using lightweight and highly-breathable material in their various components, right down to the cushioning, linings and laces.

Apart from being extremely aesthetically-pleasing, putting on this pair of shoes has allowed me a lot of freedom in my movement without compromising on support and ruggedness. This is important when walking on uneven ground or harsh surfaces that I often encounter when outdoors. Of course, its breathability also means that I don't have to worry too much about the shoes developing an odour from prolonged wearing under our infamously humid weather. 

You may be aware too that Timberland establishes itself on environmental sustainability and eco-consciousness, and this nature-inspired shoe collection is no exception. According to the brand, these shoes are made from responsibly-sourced wool, eucalyptus wood pulp and recycled cotton among other natural materials, so it feels wonderful to know that I can immerse myself in these beautiful surroundings while donning apparel that are not made at the expense of the environment.

So if you're searching for footwear that's ideal for an active, outdoor lifestyle, you might want to check out this splendid collection from Timberland. Be sure to share with me your thoughts on how they feel, and whether you love them as much as I do!

丘俊鑫 Lawrence Hiew