Thursday 1 April 2021

Beating The Heat With Marigold Peel Fresh!

When it comes to re-hydrating myself, there's nothing more satisfying than a fruit juice! Refreshing, thirst-quenching and nutritious, it serves as a great perk-me-up, especially when working under the sweltering Singapore heat and humidity. 

Of course, being often out and about, a cup of freshly-squeezed fruit juice isn't always readily available. Even at home, I'm sure preparing a juice with your own fruits and extractor is a luxury we seldom can afford, given such a busy lifestyle many of us have.

Thankfully, whether I'm outside or indoors, I can readily carry along a pack or bottle of Marigold Peel Fresh on hand! Marigold Peel Fresh is a popular juice drink that Singaporeans have been consuming for years, and it's no exception for me, being a household brand that I grew up enjoying.

Marigold Peel Fresh's juices taste really natural, it's no wonder they have that familiar slogan, "Any fresher, you'll have to peel it yourself!" I also love the fact that they're packed with goodness like Vitamins A, C and E as well as antioxidants and fibre that give me guilt-free pleasure when gulping down a cool, delightful pack of juice!

What's more, Marigold Peel Fresh has a whole variety of flavours of juice drinks so I never get bored of them! From traditional juices like Orange and Apple to more adventurous ones like Powerberries and Kale & Veggie, there's practically a flavour for any mood or occasion. I can even go for "less sugar" or "no sugar added" choices if I'm feeling even a little more health-conscious. It's like customizing a juice at a fruit drink stall, without the hassle!

So that's my sharing for today on my go-to beverage when I'm in need of a quick boost. Feel free to let me know your favourite Marigold Peel Fresh drink on any of my social media platforms, and let's see if our tastes match!

丘俊鑫 Lawrence Hiew