Monday, 6 July 2020

Pot Yummy Yummy BBQ & Hotpot

Indulge yourself with a Pot of Pot Yummy Yummy BBQ & Hotpot! Do you know they had recently also launched an interesting new 2 in 1 for Single person. It’s Hotpot and BBQ for one! 

For now, you don’t have to worry the smoke produced by the BBQ, they had just installed exhaust fan which “suck” the fumes quick enough when you are bbq-ing. 

And this is really good news to all the residents and working executives at Toa Payoh HDB Hub, as they have a special promotion for 2in1 Hotpot and BBQ lunch and dinner.

Check out their price list and dine with your family members and colleagues in a safe and clean environment with special discounted price.

The buffet variety is so wide that you will be spoilt for choice. From the wide selection of meat, to over 12 soup based to choose from like Classic Hot Spicy, Lovely Tomato Soup, Japanese Sukiyaki Pot or Chicken Soup with Fish Maw. 

Before you start the feasting, don’t forget to make and create yourself a special bowl of dipping sauce with their good range of condiments.

Head down to Pot Yummy Yummy today for a Yummy Yummy meal today!

Pot Yummy Yummy
1st Outlet: 80 Telok Ayer Street, #01-01, Singapore 048466
Hotline: +65 6909 7379
Operating Hours: 
11.00am - 10.00pm (Monday to Friday)
11.30am - 10.00pm (Saturday and Sunday)

2nd Outlet: Koufu Food Court @ Toa Payoh HDB Hub, #B1-01, Singapore 310500
Hotline: +65 84115572
Operating Hours: 11.30am - 10.00pm (Monday to Sunday)

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Phase One Virtual Music Showcase

A big shoutout to Nushi, a lifestyle appliances brand for generously sponsoring my Music Showcase on 16th June 2020.

Last Tuesday 8-9.30pm, I held a Phase One Music Showcase Live on my Facebook page. Thank you everyone for supporting me and the live show attracting more than 500 followers tuning in to the 90 minutes virtual performance. Guest artiste and keyboardist Jiaqing was also invited to share some joy to audiences online.

Music can easily bring positive vibes and energy to everyone, and through my music showcase, hope everyone enjoyed themselves too. 

Numerous duets were performed by Jiaqing & myself, coincidentally Jiaqing is also my singing teacher at the same time, it was indeed very refreshing that we get to perform together without any rehearsal. The songs certainly bring much delights to all audiences.

While most entertainment venues will remain closed during Phrase 2, I hope I can bring you more music showcase online soon.  

Once again, Thank you to our Main sponsor, Nushi, a lifestyle appliances brand, for this successful music showcase.

丘俊鑫 Lawrence Hiew

Thursday, 11 June 2020

Snippers of My Daily Life’s

Hello everyone! We are finally done with Circuit Breaker (CB) and we are now into Phrase 1 of re-opening up of our community.

During the CB period, I had vlog some snippers into things I do daily. Have you already watch my vlogs?

A quick recapped on the vlogs!

Vlog #01

Join me to spring clean the living area that I lived in, I am also proficiency in households chores too. A clean environment, will also help to keep us in a better health. I used a secret weapon to disinfectant the house too. You need to follow my vlog to find out.

Vlog #02 

As you know, I am a foodie. I just love to eat that during the period, I had been making cooking example, Japanese curry rice.  I even cooked my own cup of bubble tea using Asia Farm Purple Tea Leaves. Do try my easy to follow recipes here!

Vlog #03

As many might know, I am very active in Volunteer works as I believed in giving back to the society and community. We have quite a number of vulnerable groups that needed a little help from the public. During this period, our care team still continues to deliver some basic supplies to the groups. You can also join me in my journey, check out here!

Oh ya, did I tell you I make my own towel cake the other day? Its really very simple and with just a few ingredients, you are ready to make one too. Best of all, you don need an oven! Come, follow my easy to make recipe at Chef Lawrence.

Hope you will enjoy the videos been created specially for these periods. Do remember to like, follow and subscribed at my all social media.

Will see you soon in the next video. Meanwhile, wash your hands regularly and stay safe!

丘俊鑫 Lawrence Hiew
Official Facebook:
YouTube Channel:

Monday, 25 May 2020

Stay Safe with Your Family

Do you know Against24 is my favourite brand of toiletries? At first look, you will be mesmerized by the rubber duck and panda cute bottles!  However, it is even more than they looked!

Against24 series is able to kill 99.9% of all germs and viruses within 30seconds to 2mins of use with its active ingredient AG+, also know Silver Dihydrogen Citrate (SDC+). SDC Antibacterial Technology approved by USEPA.

I have been using Against24 series (Rubber Duck and Power Panda) for many months now. Today, I am so excited to share with you guys the best of it!

Against24 Anti-Bacterial Handwash is an antibacterial handwash formula, with a triple cleansing-effect. It effectively inhibits the bacteria to form a protective film, and gives long lasting antibacterial protection for entire day, while leaving your hands soft and smooth. It forms a dense and delicate lather that helps cleanse your hands.

Against24 Anti-Bacterial Rubber Duck Bodywash is a bodywash formulated with natural botanical washing ingredients. It contains hyaluronic acid and Aloe Vera ingredients for moisturising properties. With oat extract and 4 kinds of herbal extracts such as peony root, European silk flower, arnica flower and hollyhock. Not forgetting Against24 Anti-Bacterial Power Panda Bodywash, it is bundled With Japanese Camelia scent and 4 kinds of herbal extracts such as peony root, European silk flower, arnica flower and hollyhock. It revitalises and locks the moisture in your skin and maintains it in finest and perfect conditions. Bringing you a gentle and comfortable feeling for the whole day. Keeps you in a great sense of well-being!

Against24 Anti-Bacterial Rubber Duck Baby Shampoo is a shampoo containing premium wheat germ protein from Europe, which gently cleans, protect the scalp sebum and prevent damage to hair roots. It uses SDC technology and has added palm oil, sweet almond oil and avocado oil to moisturize hair. It is a hydrating formula that gently nourishes the hair, so that it feels refreshing after rinse off. The tear-free gentle formula is also perfect for your baby and your family!

Against24 Antibacterial Mouthwash comes in two friendly flavours- Fresh mint and Apple. The contactless spray is an exclusive patent that eliminates oral pathogens effectively within 30 seconds. It contains no active agents and no alcohol added, fluorine-free, it also inhibits plaque and inflammation of the gums effectively. The most importance is reducing the chances of getting periodontal disease. So you can used it daily.

Their new Against24 Skin & Surface Disinfectant Sanitizer Spray, is an alcohol free sanitizer spray that kills germs and viruses in 30 seconds and can be used on hands, tableware, fabric, surfaces and more. Silver ion technology SDC (Silver citrate, Citric Acid) is the basis for Against24 Skin & Surface Disinfectant Sanitizer, it kills various bacteria, fungi and viruses, and provides residual protection for 24 hours. A great protection for the whole family. It is a must have item both at home and in my bag, for sanitizing the hand and surfaces effectively. 

So, for all my friends, do wash your hands regularly, keep clean and stay safe with Against24! Visit today for your one stop Against24 series.


Tuesday, 12 May 2020

I Love Asia Farm Purple Tea!

Asia Farm Purple Tea is 100% real brewed from hand picked tea leaves, giving you the fresh aroma, along with goodness of the natural antioxidants and polyphenols contained inside the purple tea leaves.

The Origins of Purple Tea

Purple Tea is a rare tea variety that is grown in Mt. Kenya, a beautiful and ideal climate for tea growing. Stemming from a new crossbred variety of the common tea leaf, Camellia sinensis, this new variety of tea is grown in cooler conditions and produces almost 2x as much antioxidants as green tea!

Purple tea is the only tea that contains anthocyanins, which gives it the natural pigment that is also found in the superfood, blueberries – in fact, 15x more than blueberries! A perfect way to boost your immune system.

Wow, it’s no surprise why tea lovers are raving about Asia Farm Purple Tea!

Enjoy the goodness with every bottle of Asia Farm Purple Tea:
· 100% real brewed
· No artificial colouring
· No preservatives
· 25% less sugar than regular sweetened beverages

Asia Farm Purple Tea

Thursday, 30 April 2020



如果大家有在社交媒體上(Facebook 或 Instagram)看見我分享就知道我近期就使用了 CARE+ 消毒液!沒錯,它是免洗手的消毒液。能有效消除 99.9% 的細菌,擦在手上能夠快速吸收變乾也不會黏膩,有豐富的維他命及蘆薈萃取成份,帶著清香的感覺,聞起來不會不舒服反而能夠讓你的手變得順滑。

CARE+ 有分為兩種液態,一種是水凝膠,另一個是噴霧型的。

圖上這兩個呢是水凝膠型的,有 50ml 以及 200ml的,小瓶裝的可以方便攜帶出門,大瓶裝的則可以放在家中或辦公室使用。


市面上消毒液百百種,我個人也用過蠻多不同品牌的,但 CARE+ 我還蠻推薦大家的,之前使用過一些品牌,酒精味太過於濃郁,擦在手上非常乾澀,這樣下來其實對我們的手也是會造成傷害。CARE+ 揮發之後,皮膚不會留下殘留物,對皮膚幾乎毫無刺激性。


Order Online:

Saturday, 4 April 2020





如果近期有到國外或人數密集的地方就要好好注意了,感覺到自己的體溫都高於 37.8 度,也有以上的感冒徵兆,就要立刻求醫看看是否有染上肺炎。



  • 經常使用肥皂洗手20秒至30秒,或者身邊帶著具有消毒成份的消毒液,時時刻刻保持雙手的衛生。
  • 在手骯髒還未清潔之前,請勿觸碰你的眼睛、鼻子和嘴巴。因為細菌隨時隨地能透過我們的器官傳播。
  • 當你咳嗽、傷風或感冒請務必戴著口罩出門,如果症狀持續盡量待在家自我隔離直到病情好轉,避免和其他人接觸。
  • 鼓勵使用濕紙巾擦拭物品,例如書桌、門把及個人隨身物品等等,使用後立馬丟至垃圾桶。
  • 疫情期間不鼓勵和他人握手、面頰問候或擁抱,人與人之間也保持社交距離(Social distancing)1米至2米的距離。
  • 鼓勵大家盡量待在家 Stay at Home,少聚會和到多人的地方用餐。
  • 如出現發燒或呼吸道傳染病等病徵,應立即求診。



Thursday, 27 February 2020


《標準情人丘俊鑫音樂會》終於在 2月22日星期六順利舉行了!!真的有好一陣子沒舉辦像這樣的音樂會了,而且這一次也是獨挑大樑一個人唱了十幾首膾炙人口的歌曲。當天來了好多廠商、家人、朋友以及粉絲朋友們,真的很感激大家在這非常時期還願意到現場支持,心裡真的無限感動。接下來我來跟大家分享當天的盛況吧!



中間這位就是來自 Win Win 食品的 Bernard老闆,他們家的香脆薯餅也是深受大家歡迎的,非常感謝他贊助這場音樂會,才能讓大家到現場聽我唱歌。右邊就是我的乾媽,也是瞞著我偷偷來現場,而且還是活動的主持人,這又是個驚喜。


圖片中的就是我的師兄 Elson 蘇奕銓,演出當天也是私訊我說忙工作無法到現場支持而感到抱歉,沒想到還是早有計劃來現場給我驚喜,真的從開場到現場都一直處於驚喜驚嚇狀態,哈哈哈!真的也很感謝他抽空過來跟我合唱,他也在現場唱了幾首歌曲送給粉絲們,大家都覺得賺到了吧!


半場大家真的都蠻冷靜的,哈哈哈,到了最後的安可曲才真正放開大合唱,下次真的可以不用那麼矜持啦,你們 High 我一定也會跟著唱High,哈哈哈!不過沒關係,下一場表演大家就好好的嗨一場!


左邊就是這次音樂會的場地贊助 Fusion Kitchen & Bar 的老闆娘 Jane,謝謝你對我的支持,他們的 Bar 真的很推薦大家前去用餐和唱K哦,可以一邊吃美食一邊唱歌,非常棒的用餐地點。

也非常感謝 The Punggol Settlement 的管理層 Michelle 也來到現場,這是我第二次見到她,第一次見面也非常的有緣分,一直也很支持我,特地放下工作就是為了到現場見一面聽我唱歌。


榮譽贊助:Against24 Singapore
場地贊助:Fusion Kitchen & Bar and The Punggol Settlement
鼎力贊助:Win Win Food, Asia Farm F&B Pte Ltd, BHF Pte Ltd and Uncle Louis Famous Chicken Rice
協力贊助:Freshskin Beauty Specialist and JOEUN by S2 Hair Salon


Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Mr Pnut Pancake 傳統好滋味

拍節目最開心的事就是吃到自己平日愛吃的美食!我個人很喜歡吃面煎粿和咖哩卜,在馬來西亞也是從小吃到大的平民美食。這次拍攝就一次過滿足了我的私慾,因為我來到了 Mr Pnut Pancake Group!他們旗下有韓韓面煎粿以及售賣咖哩角,同時滿足我的味蕾。







1. Blk 440 Pasir Ris Drive 4 #01-13 Singapore 510440
2. Blk 826 Tampines Street 81 Singapore 520826
3. Blk 252 Jurong East Street 24 #01-113 Singapore 600252
4. Blk 848 Yishun Street 81 #01-136 Singapore 760848

Mr Pnut Pancake Group
Address: 3020 Ubi Avenue 2, #01-107 Singapore 408896
Business Hour: 9.00am to 5.30pm
Contact: +65 8855 1178

Monday, 20 January 2020

The Punggol Settlement 美食日記(下篇)

The Punggol Settlement 美食日記來到了 PART 2!只能說這裡真的聚集了所有精華,每一家美食餐廳都值得大家前去吃的。上一篇介紹了六家,這一篇就要介紹另外的七家美食囖!還沒看的朋友,點擊這裡


Inspirit House (#01-05)


Inspirit House 設計主要以歐式鄉村風格為主,裝潢溫馨,店內還設有兒童活動區,父母可以放心地享用美食。每週五、六及日都有駐唱歌手,增添你的用餐氣氛。他們家的烤金目鱸非常特別,淋上帶點辣的醬汁提升魚的風味,再來海鮮黃面香氣四溢,湯汁濃郁,可以一碗接一碗呢!

訂位熱線:6920 6388

Fusion Kitchen And Bar (#01-11/12)



訂位熱線:6385 9598

IZAKAYA 95 (#02-05)

美食推薦:炭烤黑豬、日式串燒、Asari Bata Yaki

居九五就知道就是居酒屋的意思,主打的是日式料理。這裡提供各式各樣的海鮮及炭烤料理,讓你一次吃個過癮。炭烤黑豬軟嫩適中,吃得到微微的炭烤味,香氣四溢。海鮮串燒組合也是不遑多讓,依據你的口味,可以自由點菜,廚房會為你烤好送上桌。Asari Bata Yaki 帶有日式味的拉拉,湯汁濃郁好喝,拉拉也非常新鮮,這些菜餚搭配酒真的絕配啊!

訂位熱線:6702 7072

TRUNK 95 (02-06)


TRUNK 95 是一家泰式料理餐廳,其實它和 IZAKAYA 95 是同一個老闆開的哦,兩家都不同國家的美食料理,看得出來老闆非常喜歡異國料理。每一道菜賣相都讓人口水直流胃口大開啊,每一道菜都帶有濃濃的泰式風味。而他們的必點菜就是泰式豬肘,雖然製作程序繁雜,但卻吃得出它到底有多好吃,肉質不會過硬,沾上泰式醬每一口都讓人回味無窮!海鮮粉絲沙拉也十分開胃,酸酸甜甜的好滋味。泰式炒果條可以說是我目前吃過好吃的其中之一,每次去都是必點菜。

訂位熱線:6702 7072

Just The Place (#02-07/08)


從 2014 年營業至今,吸引力無數回頭客,這裡的西餐如美式烤豬排、批薩、意大利面等等都深受歡迎。這次特別推薦他們家的烤豬肋排以及熔岩石肋眼,超大份的烤豬肋排吸引了我的眼球,肉質鮮嫩多汁,烤得剛好又入味。熔岩石肋眼也必推,牛肉吃下去也不會太過硬,趁熱吃熟度剛剛好,香吃西餐的朋友千萬可別錯過了!

訂位熱線:6702 7370

Tandoor Lounge (#02-11)

美食推薦:Abeer Chicken Tikka、Chicken Panipath、Authentic Chicken Dum Biryani

Tandoor Lounge 可說是在 The Punggol Settlement 唯一的印度餐廳,但卻具有道地的印度風味,好吃印度餐的朋友可以直接來到這裡啦!他們的 Chicken Biryani 飯粒粒分明,讓我吃得津津有味,可以搭配他們的 Chicken Panipath,印度式咖哩雞,醬汁搭配飯超好吃的。Abeer Chicken Tikka 也充滿異國風味,印度香料醃製出好滋味。

訂位熱線:6909 9353

Georges By The Bay (#02-12)

美食推薦:Georges Cop-The-Lot Burger、Beer Battered Fish & Chips

在新加坡經營了 20 年,開設了7 家分店,看來真的不容錯過。Georges Cop-The-Lot Burger 看名字真的挺特別的,當然這也是他們的推薦菜餚,果然沒讓人失望,漢堡肉好好吃哦!Fish & Chips 魚肉新鮮且嫩,不會炸得過厚或過硬,真的好適合在悠閒的下午與家人朋友來這裡吃飯聊天還可以看看風景。

訂位熱線:6702 6186

The Punggol Settlement 真是個美食天堂,各式各樣料理盡在這裡了,真的太多好吃的了,不是一天兩天就能吃完的!這裡適合一家大小已經年輕朋友來這裡度過悠閒時刻,可以唱歌、聽歌、吃飯還能在附近公園運動看風景,這個週末是不是也想到那裡逛逛吃飯了呢?

The Punggol Settlement
Address: 3 Punggol Point Road, Singapore 828694

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

The Punggol Settlement 美食日記(上篇)


這次非常開心能夠到新加坡 The Punggol Settlement(榜鵝尾)品嚐及推薦所有美食!其實對這一帶並不陌生,之前就蠻常在這裡吃美食的,因為這裡風景好又涼快,遠離都市彷彿來到另一個美食天堂。接下來就看鑫爺我介紹各家的美食吧!

螃蟹之家 House of Seafood (#01-01/02)


這火鍋主要以雞湯和麻辣湯底製成水晶球的模樣,十分可愛有特色。水晶球湯底富有膠原蛋白能夠滋補養顏,加上新鮮的海鮮食材入鍋,讓湯喝起來好喝無比,重點是價格超級划算!火鍋食材有超過 50 種,每一碟只需 $1.80!到餐館可以吃到這樣便宜划算的火鍋你怎麼可以錯過?

營業時間:5.00pm to 11.00pm,大年初一休息
訂位熱線:6466 9000

三巴旺白米粉 White Restaurant (#01-10)


招牌海鮮白米粉顧名思義就是他們店的必點菜之一啦,果然吃下去沒讓我失望,真的很香濃又好吃,看看盤上的大蝦真的直流口水啊!當然他們的新菜色咖啡排骨也同樣口感香氣十足,吃的每一口都好嫩啊,目前只會在新春套餐中限量推出,所以不是要吃就有的哦!叁岜番薯葉對我愛吃辣的人來說味道也恰到好處,不會過辣過咸,配一碗飯剛剛好。金鼠新春套餐即日起到2月9日推出,價格從 $268++ 起。

營業時間:11.30am to 2.00pm, 5.00pm to 10.00pm,大年初一至三休息
訂位熱線:6702 2002

Siam Square Mookata (#02-01)


泰式火鍋最幸福莫過於就是能吃到非常多樣化的食材,一邊吹著海風一邊吃火鍋真的好爽!每一碟的食材都很新鮮,價格從 $1.80 至 $4,依據你喜歡的食材選擇。泰式辣醬也是店家自己調配的,熱騰騰的烤肉沾上醬汁簡直一級棒!老闆還特地從泰國進口普吉島啤酒,茉莉風味的微醺滋味深受女性朋友們的歡迎呢!你也快來嚐嚐吧~

營業時間:3.00pm to 3.00am,除夕至初三休息
訂位熱線:8119 6664

Kampong Chai Chee (#02-02)


尋找印尼風味的朋友千萬不要錯過這家 Kampong Chai Chee了,這裡適合各族群的朋友前來享用美食,所有菜餚都是以 Halal 的方式烹煮。印尼蝦煲的咖哩醬汁濃稠,以淡奶取代椰漿烹煮,搭配饅頭真是相得益彰!而他們的白胡椒螃蟹相比黑胡椒螃蟹口味較為清淡,但反而帶出了螃蟹本身的鮮味,值得一吃。

營業時間:1.00pm to 11.00pm
訂位熱線:6385 8005

榜鵝(福記)游水海鮮樓 Ponggol Seafood


說到新加坡美食怎麼能夠少得了辣椒螃蟹呢?Ponggol Seafood 自1969 年創立以來,他們的辣椒螃蟹選用13種不同的獨家秘方烹製,酸辣可口,是鎮店之寶,同樣搭配饅頭,讓你把好吃的醬汁一併吃完,絕配。新年怎麼少得了盆菜,因此在新年期間特別推出了這道盆菜,湯底用時 6至12 小時烹製而成,將鮑魚、海參、干貝等珍貴食材熬製入味,湯鮮甜又好喝,還能吃到好多好料,真的太幸福了!

營業時間:11.30am to 2.30pm, 5.30pm to 10.30pm,大年初一休息
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量記自家菜 Leong Ji Seafood (#02-09/10)


我第一眼被像 Rojak 的炸魷魚蕹菜給吸引著目光,炸得香脆無比的芋頭絲,與軟嫩魷魚相結合,以及爽脆的豆腐乾、青芒果等食材一起搭配出不同的口感。黃梨蝦米生腸口味佳,甜咸適中,越咬越好吃。紅斑更不用說,酸酸辣辣很開胃,這裡也適合一家大小來聚餐。

營業時間:週日2.00pm to 11.00pm,週末 11.00am to 11.00pm,除夕至初二休息,初三晚市。
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The Punggol Settlement
Address: 3 Punggol Point Road, Singapore 828694